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Online Talk

Express Scripts: Driving Digital Transformation from Mainframe to Microservices

Express Scripts is reimagining its data architecture to bring best-in-class user experience and provide the foundation of next-generation applications. The challenge lies in the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively access the ever-increasing amount of data.

This online talk will showcase how Apache Kafka® plays a key role within Express Scripts’ transformation from mainframe to a microservices-based ecosystem, ensuring data integrity between two worlds. It will discuss how change data capture (CDC) technology is leveraged to stream data changes to Confluent Platform, allowing a low-latency data pipeline to be built.

Watch now to learn:

  • Why Apache Kafka is an ideal data integration platform for microservices
  • How Express Scripts is building cloud-based microservices when the system of record is a relational database residing on an on-premise mainframe
  • How Confluent Platform allows for data integrity between disparate platforms and meets real time SLAs and low-latency requirements
  • How Attunity Replicate software is leveraged to stream data changes to Apache Kafka, allowing you to build a low-latency data pipeline


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