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At Confluent, we provide an event streaming platform to help companies get easy access to enterprise data as real-time streams. In order to provide this industry-leading technology, we use a number of written agreements to clarify the responsibilities of both Confluent and our customers. We’ve assembled these agreements in one place for your reference below. If you have any questions or cannot find a document you are looking for, please contact

Confluent Customer Agreements

Confluent Platform

Confluent Subscription Agreement

Confluent License Agreement

Confluent Platform Support Services Policy

Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud Terms of Service

Confluent Cloud KSQL Service Level Agreement

Confluent Cloud Service Level Agreement

Confluent Cloud Support Services Policy

Confluent Services

Professional and Training Services

Terms and Conditions for Advisory Engagements

Supplemental Terms for Service Engagements

Terms and Conditions for Training Engagement


Data Processing Addendum

Confluent Cloud Subprocessors

Confluent Privacy Statement

Confluent California Candidate Privacy Notice