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Automating Speed: A Proven Approach to Preventing Performance Regressions in Kafka Streams

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Regular performance testing is one of the pillars of Kafka Streams’ reliability and efficiency. Beyond ensuring dependable releases, regular performance testing supports engineers in new feature development with the ability to easily test the performance impact of their features, compare different approaches, etc.

In this session, Alex and John share their experience from developing, using, and maintaining a performance testing framework for Kafka Streams that has prevented multiple performance regressions over the last 5 years. They cover guiding principles and architecture, how to ensure statistical significance and stability of results, and how to automate regression detection for actionable notifications.

This talk sheds light on how Apache Kafka is able to foster a vibrant open-source community while maintaining a high performance bar across many years and releases. It also empowers performance-minded engineers to avoid common pitfalls and bring high-quality performance testing to their own systems.

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