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What to do if Your Kafka Streams App Gets OOMKilled?

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Have you ever had your stateful Kafka Streams app killed by Kubernetes with the termination reason ""OOMKilled""? Even if you did set up JVM heap limit, the pod still got killed? This is likely due to your RocksDB off-heap memory usage. This talk will explore ways of diagnosing the problem, including:

  • analysis of heap and off-heap memory;
  • diving into RocksDB metrics;
  • looking at k8s java pod measurements.

It will also show a possible solution to the problem with RocksDB and pod memory tuning. Attendants will get hands-on experience of live debugging Kafka Streams app together with useful tips and tricks on its production usage in Kubernetes. As a Streaming Platform Owner at Raiffeisen Bank and a former Data Engineer with 5+ years of experience, I will share some insights on building scalable and reliable Kafka Streams stateful applications.

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