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Walking through the Spring Stack for Apache Kafka

In this talk, we will take a whirlwind tour of the entire stack that Spring Framework provides for Apache Kafka support. Spring for Apache Kafka is the foundational library that provides the basic support for building Spring applications with Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams. Spring Cloud Stream, using its binder for Apache Kafka, provides an opinionated programming model and other convenient features built on top of Spring for Apache Kafka.

This talk will explore all these various building blocks in Spring and show the differences between them. Along the journey, we will demonstrate how Spring makes it easier for developers to build powerful applications using Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams.


Soby Chacko

Software engineer with many years of experience designing and implementing enterprise-grade software systems. Presently, core committer to Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Data Flow projects and a contributor to various other Spring projects at VMware. Areas of focus are event-driven and distributed stream processing systems. Currently responsible for building new feature capabilities in Spring Cloud Stream especially focused on Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams, as well as fostering the open-source community behind it.