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Monitoring Your Business Metrics With Kafka + Grafana

Monitoring your application is probably one of the most important things in production, so collecting and providing metrics about your business will make it easier to understand the impacts of failure scenarios and also monitor your business performance in real-time. In this Lightning Talk, we will discuss how Kafka can help you to gather data from different places and persist them to a database to be monitored in a Grafana dashboard, things like producing and consuming events, defining a schema, working with time-series database, and creating your dashboards with custom metrics are key points of this conversation.


Eduardo Boccato

A software engineer passioned about electronics and software since very young. I had my very first lines of code written in Pascal and C and further in the university had the chance to develop my programming skills working with robotics R&D. After graduation I had the pleasure to work on a few projects in the silicon valley and UK focused on web development and also telecom applications. Nowadays I am working in the World's largest brewer as a software architect with the mission of integrating breweries around the world into their global b2b marketplace.