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Disaster Recovery Options Running Apache Kafka in Kubernetes

Active-Active, Active-Passive, and stretch clusters are hallmark patterns that have been the gold standard in Apache Kafka® disaster recovery architectures for years. Moving to Kubernetes requires unpacking these patterns and choosing a configuration that allows you to meet the same RTO and RPO requirements.

In this talk, we will cover how Active-Active/Active-Passive modes for disaster recovery have worked in the past and how the architecture evolves with deploying Apache Kafka on Kubernetes. We'll also look at how stretch clusters sitting on this architecture give a disaster recovery solution that's built-in!

Armed with this information, you will be able to architect your new Apache Kafka Kubernetes deployment (or retool your existing one) to achieve the resilience you require.


Rema Subramanian

Rema Subramanian is currently a Customer Success Technical Architect at Confluent. She enjoys everything related to architecture, engineering and data. She has a soft corner for Healthcare tech given her experience with it in the past, but is usually looking for cool use cases to solve in any industry.

Jennifer Snipes

Jennifer Snipes is a Staff Customer Success Technical Architect at Confluent, the event-streaming platform pioneer. She has over 15 years experience working in the software industry in various capacities - as a developer, solutions architect, dev team leader and systems architect. The last 6 years have been in the distributed systems big data space across the healthcare and financial industries. She is a Virginia native, currently living in Virginia Beach where she enjoys spending time with family and friends.