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Apache Kafka in the era of Java Microframeworks

Over the last couple of years, we've observed a slow but steady rise of Java Microframeworks. Micronaut, Quarkus, Javalin - all trying to steal Spring Boot's thunder. So how do they compare to Spring Boot in terms of Kafka integration? Can they deliver the versatility and convenience for which we've come to love Spring Boot, but without its drawbacks?

In this lightning talk we'll compare approaches offered by each of the aforementioned frameworks, and see how they stack up against Spring Boot in common use cases like consumers, producers and streams.


Marcin Mergo

Marcin graduated from Poznań University of Technology, and for years now has been involved in developing software for the financial sector. Over the course of his career Marcin has been creating systems for largest banks in Poland, including both corporate and retail ones. His experience also includes delivering solutions for the public and energy sectors. Long-term employee, Technical Leader, Architect, and Cloud Chapter Leader at Consdata. Co-organizer and speaker at OWASP meetings. Co-creator and speaker at Consdata Tech. Common sense enthusiast.