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Writing Blazing Fast, and Production-Ready Kafka Streams apps in less than 30 min using Azkarra

If you have already worked on various Kafka Streams applications before, then you have probably found yourself in the situation of rewriting the same piece of code again and again. Whether it's to manage processing failures or bad records, to use interactive queries, to organize your code, to deploy or to monitor your Kafka Streams app, build some in-house libraries to standardize common patterns across your projects seems to be unavoidable. And, if you're new to Kafka Streams you might be interested to know what are those patterns to use for your next streaming project. In this talk, I propose to introduce you to Azkarra, an open-source lightweight Java framework that was designed to provide most of that stuffs off-the-shelf by leveraging the best-of-breed ideas and proven practices from the Apache Kafka community.


Florian Hussonnois