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Keeping Analytics Data Fresh in a Streaming Architecture

Qlik is an industry leader across its solution stack, both on the Data Integration side of things with Qlik Replicate (real-time CDC) and Qlik Compose (data warehouse and data lake automation), and on the Analytics side with Qlik Sense. These two “sides” of Qlik are coming together more frequently these days as the need for “always fresh” data increases across organizations.

When real-time streaming applications are the topic du jour, those companies are looking to Apache Kafka to provide the architectural backbone those applications require. Those same companies turn to Qlik Replicate to put the data from their enterprise database systems into motion at scale, whether that data resides in “legacy” mainframe databases; traditional relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, or SQL Server; or applications such as SAP and SalesForce.

In this session we will look in depth at how Qlik Replicate can be used to continuously stream changes from a source database into Apache Kafka. From there, we will explore how a purpose-built consumer can be used to provide the bridge between Apache Kafka and an analytics application such as Qlik Sense.


John Neal