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Building a Modern Digital Platform at NAB

Summit APAC 2021 Keynote: Building a Modern Digital Platform at NAB by Harnessing the Power of an Event-driven Architecture - a conversation with Jun Rao, Co-Founder of Confluent and Leng Be, Head of MEGA, National Australia Bank

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Leng Be

Leng Be has 25 years of experience in the banking and insurance industry, performing technical and leadership positions covering Ledger, Payment, Credit Bureau, Insurance, Customer, Integration, Messaging and Eventing services. Leng's current mission is to transform legacy integration and messaging platforms to cloud-based services and to expand the adoption of the event-based architecture across the NAB group.

Jun Rao

Jun Rao is the co-founder of Confluent, a company that provides a stream data platform on top of Apache Kafka. Before Confluent, Jun Rao was a senior staff engineer at LinkedIn where he led the development of Kafka. Before LinkedIn, Jun Rao was a researcher at IBM's Almaden research data center, where he conducted research on database and distributed systems. Jun Rao is the PMC chair of Apache Kafka and a committer of Apache Cassandra.