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A Crash Course in Designing Messaging Apis

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The Kafka API has become a standard of sorts in the messaging space but sometimes it has been criticized for being too heavyweight. But is that true?

In this talk we're going to look at a variety of different messaging APIs, contrasting their features and guarantees with their ""heaviness"".

Do all messaging APIs support all features and guarantees?

  • High scalability
  • High availability and durability
  • High throughput clients
  • Message ordering
    • Total order, partial order, no ordering
  • Processing guarantees
    • At-most-once, at-least-once, exactly-once
  • Transactions
  • Deduplication
  • Log or queue semantics
  • Replay
  • Filtering/Routing

What about queue vs log semantics? What is the difference and when should we use one or the other? Does a distinction between the two really exist?

How do cloud provider messaging APIs compare to open-source messaging APIs? What does it mean for a messaging API to be cloud native?

By the end of this talk you'll have an idea of the various types of messaging APIs and the trade-offs the API designers made regarding the complexity of the APIs vs the features and guarantees the messaging systems provide.

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