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Off the Chain: Scaling Blockchain Data With Kafka

« Current 2022

Despite the plentiful hype, blockchain technology hasn't solved world hunger (yet). Nor has it dealt with the issues of low data throughput, deployment complexity and high costs.

We believe that bringing in another immutable distributed event store in the form of Apache Kafka presents an opportunity to leverage the benefits of both systems to create a more scalable and accessible solution.

This session will explain how slow data on the blockchain can be joined together with fast data in Kafka and published out to other systems. Jan and Alex (two of Confluent’s resident crypto fans) will walk through a prototype of a distributed blockchain application that will help with electric car battery management. Car battery identity data will be stored on a blockchain whereas the actual charge state data will be streamed to Kafka as part of the electric car charging process. Bringing the data together will allow us to have an improved and secure battery lifecycle management.

This session is targeted for anyone who is interested in learning about blockchain technology, event streaming, and interoperability of blockchain data with a wider business. Demo application code will be available to participants.

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