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Eliminate wasteful data proliferation, manual break-fix and high costs by processing and governing data at the source, within milliseconds of its creation.

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How to Handle Bad Data in Streams

Learn about the challenges with bad data in batch pipelines and best practices to prevent it in data streams.

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Confluent is a Snowflake Partner for Polaris Catalog

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Real-Time Data Warehousing using Confluent and Snowflake

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Vimeo Runs Analytics for 260M+ users

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Build Once. Use as a Stream or Table

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Topics to Tables in a Single Click

Convert streaming data, and associated schemas to Apache Iceberg tables in one click to feed any data warehouse, data lake, or analytics engine.

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Bring Real Time to Your Data Warehouse

Stream from any legacy or modern data system into any cloud data warehouse to make data driven decisions using the freshest data.

explore popular use cases

Explore Popular Use Cases

See how Confluent Data Streaming Platform can help you solve all kinds of batch and real-time use cases.

Customer Stories

See how innovative organizations are shifting left data processing and governance with Confluent.

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Picnic Uses Confluent to Power Customer Analytics

Picnic improves product recommendations and reduces infrastructure costs by 40%

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iFood Pre-Processes and Enriches Data for its Data Lake

iFood turned to Confluent to monitor the number of orders per second and track deliveries in real time on their platform

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BigCommerce Provides Merchants With Real-Time Analytics and Insights

Learn how BigCommerce streams data to BigQuery with zero downtime, zero data loss, and zero disruption to the merchant experience

Why Confluent Data Streaming Platform

Drive developer agility and faster innovation at a lower cost with high quality, trustworthy and contextual data that’s always up-to-date.

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Connect and Stream

Continuously capture and share real-time data to your data warehouse, data lake and operational systems and apps.

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Use Flink stream processing continuously to optimize data as it's generated, enabling well-curated, reusable data products.

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Reduce faulty data downstream by enforcing quality checks in the pipeline with data contracts.

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Represent your operational data as a ready-to-use Iceberg table in just one-click.

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