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Confluent brings data streaming to whole of Singapore Government

SINGAPORE, Singapore. – May 10, 2023 – Confluent, Inc. (NASDAQ: CFLT), the data streaming pioneer, today announced that they are now a part of the panel of IMDA accredited companies that can benefit from being considered first in the Singapore Government’s streamlined procurement process.

Being an IMDA Accredited company, Confluent will be able to reach out to local government and large enterprises through recurring market access platforms. Confluent Cloud has been onboarded in IMDA’s Tech Acceleration Lab (TAL), which aims to bring data streaming to the entire Government, allowing agencies to test, develop and deploy solutions within a controlled test sandbox on the Government Commercial Cloud (GCC) fully supported by IMDA.

IMDA leads Singapore’s digital transformation by developing and regulating the infocomm and media sectors to create a dynamic and holistic ecosystem. All enterprise tech products accredited by IMDA have undergone independent third-party evaluation, and provide assurance competence and delivery ability. For potential government end-users or large enterprises, the IMDA accreditation programme allows constant access to innovative products. Correspondingly, accredited companies may see accelerated market expansion through co-creation and collaboration with the government and strategic partners.

“Having come onboard the streamlined procurement process, we believe Confluent will be well placed to serve the local Government agencies, enabling rich, digital customer experiences and real-time operations. Their capability to seamlessly connect on-premises systems to cloud provider services enabling real-time, bi-directional streams of data will help open new doors for value creation, and complement Singapore's ecosystem”, said Mr Edwin Low, Director of Enterprise & Ecosystem Development division of Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, Confluent aims to help government agencies and Singapore-based companies set their data in motion. With Confluent, organisations can harness a fully-managed Apache Kafka® service that is cloud-native, complete, and available across all cloud and on-premise environments, to harness real-time streams of data to make the right decisions quickly and enhance overall customer experiences.

A number of government agencies have already begun modernising their legacy data infrastructure with Confluent to improve their data efficiency for a more responsive citizen engagement. In one use case, a Singapore government agency was able to modernise its existing datastore with a data streaming platform, allowing real-time interoperability between modern and legacy systems as they gradually migrated to the cloud. Confluent also helped another agency develop scalable, fault-tolerant, and real-time data pipelines, similar to popular ride-hailing apps. This allows the agency to create mobile apps that can process citizen requests in real-time, reducing notifications from days to seconds.

In a separate effort, Confluent Singapore is working closely with cybersecurity vendors to integrate data streaming with cybersecurity tools to co-develop a cybersecurity blueprint for industry-wide adoption. Customers can expect a complete framework integrated with cybersecurity measures while streaming data from everywhere to anywhere.

“As a pioneer in data streaming, we are excited and honoured to reinforce our partnership with IMDA. Our goal at Confluent has always been to help organisations leverage the power of data to innovate, respond intelligently and stay ahead in today’s digital world,” said Suvig Sharma, Area Vice President, ASEAN. “With the IMDA Accreditation team, we look forward to empowering more organisations through strategic collaborations with governmental agencies and leading enterprises in Singapore.”

A representative from the IMDA Accreditation programme will be speaking at Confluent’s upcoming Data in Motion Tour 2023 ASEAN to share more information on its Tech Acceleration Lab. Interested parties can register to attend the event in person scheduled on 25 May at the Data in Motion Tour event site.

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