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Self-service Events & Decentralised Governance with AsyncAPI: A Real World Example

Despite great advances in Kafka's SaaS offerings it can still be challenging to create a sustainable event-driven ecosystem. Often platform engineers become de facto ‘gatekeepers’ of events & topics, yet their day job is not about data modelling or domain expertise. We've all seen the bottlenecks these unsustainable processes create.

Realising the potential of event streams requires much more than infrastructure. Beyond an event-driven mindset, it requires domain experts to lead creation of well-defined discoverable events through fit-for-purpose governance. AsyncAPI is the OpenAPI for events that can form the basis of the required self-governing, self-service eventing framework.

This session will introduce a self-governing framework using AsyncAPI and share how the Bank of New Zealand applied this framework to leverage a passionate Kafka community and embed event-driven thinking. You’ll leave with a tangible set of ideas to give your own events a bit more swagger using AsyncAPI.

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Allan Froy
David Mitchell