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Event & Data Mesh as a Service: Industrializing Microservices in the Enterprise

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Kafka is widely positioned as the proverbial "central nervous system" of the enterprise. In this session, we explore how the central nervous system can be used to build a mesh topology & unified catalog of enterprise wide events, enabling development teams to build event driven architectures faster & better.

The central theme of this topic is also aligned to seeking idioms from API Management, Service Meshes, Workflow management and Service orchestration. We compare how these approaches can be harmonized with Kafka.

We will also touch upon the topic of how this relates to Domain Driven Design, CQRS & other patterns in microservices.

Some potential takeaways for the discerning audience:

  1. Opportunities in a platform approach to Event Driven Architecture in the enterprise
  2. Adopting a product mindset around Data & Event Streams
  3. Seeking harmony with allied enterprise applications

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