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Vimeo Revolutionizes Real-Time Experiences for Over 260 Million Users with Confluent

“With Confluent, the overarching win is that we’re able to spend more time implementing design and better workflows, making improvements within our current systems, and working on product enhancements. We now have the ability to be driven by business needs.”

Burton Williams | Principal Data Platform Engineer


Improving time to insights by moving away from conventional batch-based data processing as the sole means of gaining insights and moving toward a stream-based approach.


Using streaming data—made possible by Confluent Cloud—to power top-quality, personalized and adaptive experiences for users, inform product roadmap, and drive growth and profitability.


  • Agile decision-making from use of real-time data to monitor and quickly pivot on in-product messaging, campaigns, A/B tests, and experiments
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming that ensures seamless playback experience for viewers—without buffering
  • Different teams can focus on value-added tasks versus managing infrastructure or waiting to access data
  • Faster time to market for data products (from days to hours)
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with Confluent Cloud versus self-managed Kafka, allowing three FTEs to focus on product development
  • Scalability for future use cases, including content delivery optimization and AI/ML
Vimeo photo

Vimeo, a leading SaaS video platform, is on a mission to simplify what it takes to make, manage, and share videos for its customers. Launched in 2004, Vimeo now claims over 260 million users around the world, from enterprises to small businesses and individual content creators—and has 1.7 million-plus paid subscribers and 100 billion-plus video views.

And as Vimeo continues to drive success, a top business priority for the company is understanding user experiences and behavior in order to add ever greater value by providing optimized, adaptive, real-time experiences—and the most relevant products.

To this end, access to real-time data has become mission critical for Vimeo. That’s where Confluent’s data streaming platform and streaming pipelines come into play.

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