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Introducing the Data Streaming Awards: Time to Nominate!

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We are delighted to announce the inaugural Data Streaming Awards, where winners will be announced at Current 2022! Here, a panel of judges from across the data streaming industry will recognize and showcase organizations that harness the power of data streaming to transform their businesses and provide increased value to their customers and communities.

Data Streaming Awards

An independent panel of judges will be choosing winners from public nominations into the following six categories:

  • Best Company-wide Data Streaming Implementation
  • Best Individual Data Streaming System
  • Data Streaming Industry Legend Award
  • Data Streaming Startup of the Year
  • Data Streaming Award for Innovation
  • Data Streaming Company of the Year

Find out more about each category on the Data Streaming Awards website.

Awards for the entire industry

The Data Streaming Awards will establish a credible platform for the industry to recognize how businesses are using data streaming technology to revolutionize their own businesses and categories.

Here’s how we will ensure a fair, transparent, and independent Data Streaming Awards throughout the process:

  • Selecting judges:
    • Judges will be from a wide range of data streaming businesses. When appointing the judging panel, we want members who impress a wide variety of perspectives within the streaming industry. That includes those from data streaming vendors which may be seen as competitors to Confluent.
    • We will ensure that the number of Confluent-employed judges has not exceeded the number of judges from other companies in the panel.
    • All judges will have proven that they are experts in the industry, and have the authority to vote on the nominees.
  • Nominations:
    • Nominations are submitted by anyone and everyone!
    • Companies across the industry will have the opportunity to promote nominations to their employees and communities! This is to ensure that the nominations judges will be seeing will come from a variety of spaces and communities.
  • Selecting winners:
    • Only the judges will be choosing the winners.
    • Each judge will be able to place votes, and will not have received an indication of what other judges voted for previously.
    • In the name of transparency, once winners are confirmed, all judges will receive a sheet with every vote cast by other judges, so they can see for themselves how winners were chosen in a fair manner.
If you have any questions about the process, and how we are building a credible program, please reach out to hello@datastreamingawards.io.

How do I get nominated, and nominate other companies?

We’re glad you asked! To anonymously nominate your team, your company, or a team from another company, please fill out the submission form before the deadline on August 1st.

The questions are designed to get both your technical and non-technical articulation of the project or team being nominated.

If your submission doesn’t quite meet the exact requirements to provide links, contact details, or other information on the form, please fill in as much as you can and email hello@datastreamingawards.io for help with the submission/nomination process!

Nominate Your team, your company, or a team from another company before the 1st of August 2022!

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Watch demo: Kafka streaming in 10 minutes

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