Apache Kafka: Online Talk Series

Streaming in Practice - Putting Apache Kafka in Production - 52:18

The previous talks in this series cover components of the Kafka ecosystem and stream processing in general. This talk will focus on how to integrate all these components into an enterprise environment and what things you need to consider as you move into production. We will touch on the following topics:

  • Patterns for integrating with existing data systems and applications
  • Metadata management at enterprise scale
  • Tradeoffs in performance, cost, availability and fault tolerance
  • Choosing which cross-datacenter replication patterns fit with your application
  • Considerations for operating Kafka-based data pipelines in production

This is talk 6 out of 6 from the Kafka Talk Series. This talk was recording on Dec. 15, 2016. 


Roger Hoover

Roger Hoover, Engineer, Confluent

Roger began his career at E*Trade Financial focused on their core microservice infrastructure. He was a Principal Engineer at a mobile marketing startup acquired by HelloWorld and at Palo Alto Research Center, where he first started using and contributing to Apache Kafka and related projects like Camus. Before joining Confluent, he was responsible for architecting the stream data infrastructure and building high-throughput, real-time intelligence applications for E*Trade.

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