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Bosch Power Tools Streams IoT Data with Confluent Cloud

The Bosch Group is a leading global IoT company and supplier of technology and services. Bosch Power Tools, a division of The Bosch Group, is among the world’s leading providers of power tools, power tool accessories, and measuring tools. To accelerate its IoT initiatives, Bosch Power Tools relies on Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka for asynchronous communication between applications and microservices with real-time, event-based streaming and persistent storage of events.

Bosch’s small team has already deployed several new applications based on the IoT architecture and more projects are planned or underway. By incorporating capabilities from the Confluent KSQL streaming SQL engine, Kafka Streams, and log-based Change-Data-Capture (CDC), and more, these applications will support real-time alerting and new real-time dashboards that merge and present data from manufacturing plants, dealers, tool owners, and other sources across the company. Bosch Power Tools has also built a novel software solution for lean construction site management called RefineMySite which is completely event-based and which makes use of the latest and greatest features of Confluent Cloud like Schema Registry.


Enable a small team of solution architects to power a large-scale digital transformation with new applications that process and respond to real-time events


Use Confluent Cloud Enterprise and Apache Kafka® to implement a common, IoT architecture that supports real-time, event-based streaming and persistent event storage


  • Low-maintenance, scalable event-streaming platform established
  • Cutting-edge position maintained by small team
  • Foundation for digital transformation set

Ralph Debusmann

Bosch Power Tools BDO Digital Offerings

Confluent Cloud and Kafka are already at the heart of our architecture, and soon I expect that real-time event streaming with Kafka will be a key part of the infrastructure for every company doing modern software development.