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Apache Kafka を生んだ開発者チームが設立した Confluent が、一流のテクノロジストや業界の専門家との多彩なトークをお届けします。

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How to Build a Streaming Data Mesh with Confluent

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Building Real-Time, Intelligent AI Copilots with Confluent Cloud, Azure OpenAI & Azure Data Services

Join our webinar to explore how Confluent's data streaming platform, Azure data services, and Azure OpenAI deliver real-time insights and help customers conduct seamless business transactions.

Building Event-Driven Microservices with Apache Kafka

This three-part series introduces key concepts, use cases, and best practices for finding success with event-driven microservices.

How to Build a Data Mesh in Confluent Cloud with Stream Governance

Learn how to build a data mesh on Confluent Cloud by understanding, accessing, and enriching your real-time Kafka data streams using Stream Governance. Confluent’s product team will demo the latest features and enhanced capabilities, along with showing how you can get access in a few clicks.

Modernize Your Messaging Workloads with Data Streaming

In this session you'll learn how to modernize your messaging workloads. This demo shows how to connect your on-premises messaging systems to Confluent Platform.

Streaming Success: Capital One’s Data Management Tips for the Modern Enterprise

Join this webinar to learn how Capital One, one of the biggest U.S. banks, successfully manages real-time data streaming across the enterprise to deliver differential value to over 100 million customers.

Data Streaming and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for Generative AI

Learn how to build a real-time, contextualized, and trustworthy knowledge base for your GenAI applications. Leverage data streaming and Apache Flink® stream processing for LLM-RAG architectures. See a RAG demo and get your questions answered.

Apache Kafka® とリアルタイムデータストリーミングの活用開始

この2部構成のシリーズでは、Kafka の概要や用途に加え、可用性に優れ、レジリエントで高度にスケーラブルなリアルタイムストリーミングプラットフォームを実現するその主要コンセプトを学びます。

Understanding (and Optimizing) Your Kafka Costs

In this webinar, we'll help you understand the key drivers of Apache Kafka® costs across infrastructure and development and operations. We'll also cover how Confluent rearchitected Kafka to be much more cost-efficient with Confluent Cloud to save you time and money.

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