Confluent のオンライントーク

Apache Kafka を生んだ開発者チームが設立した Confluent が、一流のテクノロジストや業界の専門家との多彩なトークをお届けします。

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Why Your Fraud Detection and Security Tools Need Data Streaming

In this webinar you will hear from industry experts on how real-time data streaming is advancing fraud detection and driving smarter decision-making across the Financial Services industry.

Simplifying Event-Driven Architectures with Confluent and AWS Lambda

During this webinar, learn how to simplify event-driven, serverless architectures with Confluent and AWS Lambda. You'll see how to scale seamlessly, integrate AWS Lambda with Confluent, and build apps faster with Confluent’s robust connector ecosystem.

Real-time Stock Trading, Reporting, and Machine Learning Using Confluent

In this webinar, hear directly from KOR's CTO to learn why they chose Confluent over MSK to serve as a single source of truth for four decades’ worth of trade reporting data to stay in compliance with financial regulations.

Data Streaming in Real Life: Digital Natives

This webinar explores the state of data streaming for the Digital Native Sector.

Show Me How: Multi-Cloud Architectures

Join us to learn how to set up Confluent Cloud to provide a singular and global data plane connecting all of your systems, applications, datastores, and environments – regardless of whether systems are running on-prem, in the cloud, or both.

Modern Practices for Agile Data Mesh Architectures

Learn the benefits of data mesh, how to best scale your data architecture, empower real-time data governance, and best practices from experts at Confluent and Microsoft.

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