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Bank BTPN Sets Digital Banking Data in Motion with Confluent

Following a merger that made it one of the top 10 largest banks in Indonesia, Bank BTPN is focused on three strategic priorities: ensuring a smooth integration of processes, developing existing core businesses, and continuing its digital innovation and transformation. Underpinning the bank’s ability to achieve these objectives is an initiative to set data in motion with Confluent and Apache Kafka®. “Data is very important to Bank BTPN,” says Joko Kurniawan, Digital Service Enablement Head at PT Bank BTPN. “That’s why we are using data streaming for a growing number of use cases to improve the customer experience, increase automation, and lower costs.”


Power digital banking and improve customer experiences at one of the largest banks in Indonesia


Use Confluent to set data in motion, integrate back-end services, and simplify the IT landscape with stream processing applications


  • Costs lowered
  • IT landscape simplified
  • Digital banking powered by data in motion
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Joko Kurniawan

Digital Service Enablement Head

With Confluent, we have confidence in our Kafka deployment. Confluent engineers not only provide us with support, but they also share with us their deep knowledge of Kafka to help us make the most of our streaming use cases.