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Affin Hwang Asset Management Launches Digitization Initiative

The team at Confluent has been exceptional in understanding the resources that we have and working closely with us to support our vision of adopting data streaming quickly. Already, transaction data updates that used to take up to a day are now available right away, and we’re excited about the many other doors that data streaming will open for us.

Allen Woo
Affin Hwang Asset Management


Modernize and digitize core operations at one of the largest asset management firms in Malaysia


Use Confluent to replace slow batch-oriented processes with data streams that provide near-real-time updates to key systems


  • Time to market cut by months
  • Day-long data access delays eliminated
  • New business opportunities opened

With more than RM 80 billion ($19 billion USD) under management and close to 200,000 clients, Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad is among the leading asset management firms in Malaysia. The firm’s roots stretch back to 2001, and over the past two decades its IT infrastructure expanded organically as it grew to meet the needs of institutions, pension funds, government-linked companies, and other clients. As a result, the back-end landscape included multiple siloed legacy systems and batch processes that, although fully functional, were beginning to strain under the load placed on them and affect the customer experience.

To address this challenge and modernize its operations, Affin Hwang Asset Management launched a digitization initiative that is being powered in part by real-time data streaming with Confluent. Confluent is enabling Affin Hwang Asset Management to integrate siloed systems, reduce batch processing, and explore new product offerings.


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