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Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Bank Rakyat Indonesia Increases Financial Inclusion and Extends Microfinance Opportunities Using an Event-Driven Architecture Enabled by Confluent Platform

With 75 million customers and a market cap of more than $38B, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is the largest bank in Indonesia and the largest microfinance institution in the world. BRI is in the midst of a digital transformation that is simultaneously strengthening the bank’s position among Southeast Asia’s most successful financial institutions and enabling it to increase financial inclusion across Indonesia, which has one of the highest unbanked populations in the world.

The transformation at BRI is enabled by an event-driven architecture based on Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka that is powering real-time analytics for credit scoring, fraud detection, and merchant assessment services. Among the innovations being driven by event streaming are a system that detects anomalous customer transactions in real time, an ISO 27001 certified open API that connects BRI with a digital ecosystem of partners, an early warning system that identifies customers who are at risk of payment default, and a microlending app that is helping BRI reach untapped new market segments.


Drive a digital transformation at the largest bank in Indonesia to improve the bank’s market position and increase financial inclusion across the country.


Use Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka to deploy an event-driven microservices architecture that powers big data analytics for real-time credit scoring, fraud detection, and merchant assessment services.


  • Fraud detection performed in real time
  • Loan disbursement times cut from two weeks to two minutes
  • ISO-certified open API created
  • Loan defaults predicted proactively; NPL at 0%

Kaspar Situmorang

Executive Vice President
Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka, by enabling us to build and deploy real-time event-driven systems for credit scoring, have helped BRI become the most profitable bank in Indonesia.


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