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The Total Economic Impact of Confluent Platform

A customer study on reducing DevOps costs by $2.4M

In the age of the customer, organizations must digitize and shift to modern data technologies to be able to win, serve, and retain empowered customers. By empowering themselves with real-time data at scale, they can unlock, distribute, and seamlessly integrate complex, closed data to all parts of the business.

For over 60% of the Fortune 500, Apache Kafka is the real-time data and event streaming platform of choice, built for real-time responsiveness, scale, and reliability. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with an investment in streaming platforms, Forrester conducted two case studies to provide a detailed financial analysis and Total Economic Impact™ study to determine the benefits a customer has gained from deploying a streaming platform from Confluent versus deploying and maintaining Apache Kafka® on their own.

Download this Forrester study to understand the economic benefits of Confluent Platform. Highlighted benefits include:

  • Reduced developer and management costs by $2.4M
  • Accelerated business enablement by $3.8M
  • Gained 201% return on investment (ROI) with a payback period of less than six months

View the Forrester Study