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Flow Disrupts Payment Processing Industry with Confluent at Its Core

At Flow Networks, every payment and every customer is unique, and every transaction is a chance to connect the dots across stakeholders to improve personalization and engagement. At only two years of age and with founders from Visa and PayPal, the company has already managed to start disrupting the payment processing platform space with its innovative approach to payment data and how it’s managed.

As Flow began to build its unique B2B2C payment processing platform, it realized it needed a powerful, event-driven architectural foundation to manage fast streaming data and contextualize data from various sources to empower a richer, more personalized customer experience. For example, to provide real-time recommendations to merchants and customers alike for the next best action following a transaction. Flow chose Confluent Cloud on AWS as the basis for this platform.

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Build a real-time payments processing platform to enable contextual and personalized customer engagement.


Confluent Cloud as the backbone of an event-driven microservices and streaming ETL architecture powering a secure, highly available B2B2C modern payments platform.


  • Streaming data pipelines at the scale of 1000 TP/S, with pipeline processing completed within one second per engagement
  • Complete data protection without slowdowns
  • Architectural foundation for new real-time platform
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Klas Hesselman

Flow Networks

Confluent sits at the very core of our entire platform and modern payments business, serving as the underlying data mesh for everything we do today and anything we may want to do in the future. Operating around real-time, trusted data streams fueled by the entire business means every team is equipped with the data they need to build rich, personalized experiences for our customers while maintaining the flexibility to easily change or evolve solutions as our business grows.