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8x8 Powers Real-Time Contact Center Analytics with Confluent

Kafka は当社にとってまさに最適な、ストリーミング分析のデファクトスタンダードとして機能し、マルチテナント環境で水平的なスケーラビリティを大規模に実現してくれるソリューションです。Confluent Platform は当社の高いコンプライアンス、セキュリティ、耐障害性基準を満たすもので、ミッションクリティカルな顧客の要件に対応するため、自信を持って Kafka を選択できました。

Manu Mukerji 氏 | Senior Director of ML, AI, and Analytics


Deliver real-time analytics for cloud-based communications services in a mission-critical, multi-tenant environment.


Use Confluent to create a reliable, secure, and scalable event streaming platform that collects and analyzes calls and other events, generating billions of metrics that fuel real-time dashboards for 8×8’s customers.

Confluent features used

  • Replicator
  • Confluent Control Center


  • Lower costs and faster service delivery
  • Highly resilient platform for mission-critical services
  • Rock-solid security for sensitive customer data
  • Enables innovation

As a leading cloud communications platform provider, 8×8 enables more than a million business users to collaborate faster and work smarter. The company provides voice, video, chat, and contact center solutions on a unified global platform, complemented by real-time analytics that help enterprises delight their customers and accelerate their businesses.

As a fast growing multi-tenant SaaS Contact Center solution, 8×8 needed a way to rapidly and cost-effectively add new customers. To support this, the company decided it wanted a single event streaming platform for all of its customers – one that could scale quickly and easily as new customers joined. The platform needed to be multi-tenant, providing strict data separation – a key customer requirement – and it had to be highly resilient given its mission-critical nature. Robust security was also a must, since 8×8 handles sensitive caller information. To meet this need, 8×8 chose Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform.


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