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Optimize your SIEM to Build Tomorrow’s Cyber Defense with Confluent

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There’s no question that SIEM and SOAR tools are critical platforms to detect and combat threats. But, they were built for log management and compliance and are optimized to deliver reports and dashboards for post-hoc analysis based on generic use cases and pre-defined rules. With the explosion of infrastructure footprints, the distributed nature of modern day applications and systems and the scale with which data is being produced have rendered them ineffective. InfoSec teams and SOCs are making tradeoffs between cost, flexibility and visibility, leaving out high-volume sources while hoping that their SIEM operations would still be just as robust. They are wrestling with noisy alerts and manual processes that hinder their ability to respond to threats quickly. They are locked into their silos or have custom point-to-point integrations that lead to inaccurate interpretations or significant tech debt.

To help organizations deliver better cyber defense for less, Confluent delivers a compelling solution that augments your existing SIEM investments to break down your data silos, reduce noise, and deliver contextually rich data to equip your teams with the right data at the right time.

Download this paper to understand how Confluent enables you to:

  • Design a real-time security pipeline at scale
  • Improve the quality of your data to reduce detection and recovery times and enhance real-time situational awareness
  • Reduce your data indexing, analysis and storage costs and
  • Gain unprecedented flexibility to choose your own data destiney, eliminate lock-in, enable access to best of breed


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