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Good Teams Manage Kafka® - Efficient Teams Use Confluent


Unpacking the true costs of open source Kafka and MSK

Although Kafka has become a prerequisite for the modern data stack, self-supporting it in-house incurs significant costs and business risks - challenges only amplified by today’s macroeconomic constraints on engineering budgets and resources. Clusters need to be sized and configured, partitions rebalanced, failover and scaling processes designed — the list goes on. Some turn to cloud-hosted Kafka services in an attempt to reduce costs and operational burden, but simply hosting data systems on cloud infrastructure is not enough to truly realize the full value and benefits of the cloud.

As companies and teams inevitably get asked to “do more with less,” Confluent can help as the only vendor who provides a truly cloud-native and fully managed data streaming platform that dramatically reduces development & operational costs, infrastructure spend, and downtime risks with a complete, enterprise-grade feature set. This enables teams to reduce their data streaming TCO by up to 60%, accelerate time-to-market of their real-time initiatives by 6+ months, and deliver over 3X ROI on their Kafka spend.

Offload Kafka management and platform development to the world’s foremost experts so you can focus your valuable resources on more strategic projects that differentiate your business. This white paper demonstrates the value you can realize across the following TCO comparisons:

  • Confluent vs. self-managed open source Kafka
  • Confluent Cloud vs. Amazon MSK


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