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Camel Kafka Connectors: Tune Kafka to “Speak” with (Almost) Everything

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Apache Kafka is getting used as an event backbone in new organizations every day. We would love to send every byte of data through the event bus. However, most of the time, connecting to simple third party applications and services becomes a headache that involves several lines of code and additional applications. As a result, connecting Kafka to services like Google Sheets, communication tools such as Slack or Telegram, or even the omnipresent Salesforce, is a challenge nobody wants to face. Wouldn’t you like to have hundreds of connectors readily available out-of-the-box to solve this problem?

Due to these challenges, communities like Apache Camel are working on how to speed up development of key areas of the modern application, like integration. The Camel Kafka Connect project, from the Apache foundation, has enabled their vastly set of connectors to interact with Kafka Connect natively. So, developers can start sending and receiving data from Kafka to and from their preferred services and applications in no time without a single line of code.

In summary, during this session we will:
• Introduce you to the Camel Kafka Connector sub-project from Apache Camel
• Go over the list of connectors available as part of the project
• Showcase a couple of examples of integrations using the connectors
• Share some guidelines on how to get started with the Camel Kafka Connectors


Andrea Cosentino
Andrea Tarochhi
Hugo Guerrero