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Confluent and SecuPi

Achieving Privacy Compliance for Regulated Data on Kafka and Confluent Platform

Complying with a plethora of overlapping privacy regulations is challenging enough in traditional RDBMS systems with multiple layers of security. Achieving this on fast moving dynamic data with Kafka requires a new approach. Confluent and SecuPi combine an event streaming platform with centrally managed, policy-based, Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) and privacy compliant solution with data encryption and dynamic masking that enforces the same consistent data security rules, on-premises or in the Cloud.


Why SecuPi and Confluent?

Transparent and Fully Scalable Data Protection

Fully distributed, tightly integrated data protection applied as far upstream as possible in the data flow.

Seamless Integration

SecuPi overlays all of the required granular, fine-grained access controls, accountability and privacy compliance functionality without changing Producer, Consumer and ksqlDB processes.

Industry Leading Privacy Compliance

SecuPi’s data protection capabilities provide the same functionality available for RDBMS platforms and applications on-premise or in the cloud.

Data-Centric Security and Privacy Policy Enforcement

Consistent, centrally managed, policy-based access controls are enforced end-to-end across the enterprise through a single pane of glass.

SecuPi and Confluent Integration

SecuPi runs on each Producer and Consumer processes as required without introducing a single point of failure or performance bottleneck. The most common integration method is through installing a single JAR file on each Producer and Consumer process. SecuPi then enforces the centrally managed policy (rules) for selective field level encryption, decryption or masking and provides a completely independent audit trail of all access to sensitive or regulated data. A second deployment option includes protection on the Consumers only, and a third option supports ksqlDB with the SecuPi Agent installed on each ksqlDB server.

SecuPi & Confluent Platform Integration


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