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High throughput, low latency solution with Scylla and Apache Kafka®

Scylla is a highly available, highly-scalable NoSQL database that can match the volume and velocity of Kafka to meet the persistent storage requirements of modern web-scale applications. Confluent Platform and Kafka need a complementary and highly performant storage layer. With its high throughput and low latency characteristics, Scylla keeps up with growing needs of real-time data streaming. Scylla makes maximum utilization of high-density, modern, multi-core systems – scaling out across additional nodes, automatically sharding-per-core and auto-tuning performance. Scylla also scales up, taking advantage of modern NUMA multi-CPU server architectures.

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Why Scylla and Confluent Platform?

High Performance

Confluent Platform and Scylla meet the low-latency and high-throughput requirements for users looking to obtain maximum utility from their real-time data

High Scalability

The Confluent Platform and Scylla can keep scaling up and out as customers grow their streaming data architectures from terabytes to petabytes

Open Source Commitment

Confluent and ScyllaDB both offer true open-source versions to foster developer communities, and to enable rapid adoption, prototyping, and agile deployment

Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Confluent and ScyllaDB have enterprise-grade offerings for robust, secure, and always-on operations customers require

Scylla for Real-Time

To keep up with Confluent Platform data streaming requirements, ScyllaDB’s NoSQL database matches Kafka’s volume and velocity.


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