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Fundamentals for Apache Kafka®

What is Apache Kafka® and how does it work?

Apache Kafka was built with the vision to become the central nervous system that makes real-time data available to all the applications that need to use it, with numerous use cases like stock trading and fraud detection, to transportation, data integration, and real-time analytics.

This 90 minute online training provides an overview of what Kafka is, what it's used for, and the core concepts that enable it to power a highly scalable, available and resilient real-time event streaming platform. The training begins with an introduction to the shift toward real-time data streaming, and continues all the way through to best practices for developing applications with Apache Kafka and how to integrate Kafka into your environment.

Whether you’re just getting started or have already built stream processing applications, you will find actionable insights in this series that will enable you to further derive business value from your data systems.

This training is comprised of the 4 following 20 minute modules:

  • Benefits of Stream Processing and Apache Kafka Use Cases
  • Apache Kafka Architecture & Fundamentals Explained
  • How Apache Kafka Works
  • Integrating Apache Kafka Into Your Environment Confluent Platform

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