Confluent Platform 7.0 と Cluster Linking でクラウドへのリアルタイムブリッジを構築 | ブログを読む


Weight Watchers Virtual Tech Talk Hosted by Confluent

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

1:30pm - 3:00pm EST

Apache Kafka® has been used extensively in enterprises for real-time data collecting, delivering, and processing. In this talk, we’ll dive into some of the key internals that help make Kafka popular including:

  • Companies like LinkedIn sending greater than one trillion messages per day to Kafka. Learn about the underlying design in Kafka that leads to such high throughput.
  • Many companies (e.g., financial institutions) are now storing mission critical data in Kafka. Learn how Kafka supports high availability and durability through its built-in replication mechanism.


Sean Pabba

Lead Systems Engineer

Sean Pabba is Technical Lead Systems Engineer at Confluent where he helps organizations understand the value of Kafka and Confluent so they can use these effectively and efficiently within their business. Prior to joining Confluent, Sean worked at a number of leading technology organizations including Cloudera, IBM, PWC and GigaSpaces; all were customer facing subject matter expert roles such as Solutions Architect and Sales Engineer. Sean has diverse technology background and can engage with organizations who want to discuss mainframes or the latest buzz words like AI, ML and Cloud. He enjoys working with organizations to educate and help them define an optimal architecture for their business.