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Mind the App: How to Monitor Your Kafka Streams Applications

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You cannot operate what you cannot measure. In this talk, I am going to present the built-in metrics framework of Kafka Streams that supports monitoring Kafka Streams applications. You will learn how to setup monitoring of metrics for your Kafka Streams applications and you will hear about the following recent improvements to the metrics framework that aim to extend and simplify monitoring. KIP-444 aims to simplify and extend the built-in metrics framework. The RocksDB metrics introduced in KIP-471 and KIP-607 allow you to look directly into the built-in persistent state stores of your Kafka Streams applications. Finally, KIP-613 specifies metrics that measure end-to-end latencies in your applications. This talk will help you collect intel about the behavior of your Kafka Streams applications, and will allow you to reason about the deployment. In the end, you will be able to better understand your applications and run them in a more robust manner.

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