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Harness the Full Value of Cloud Databases with Real-Time Streaming

Scale real-time data capture and processing from heterogeneous data sources in any environment to your cloud database so your applications are always powered by the most up-to-date data.

Power real-time apps with data streaming at scale

Empower your application teams to build using consistent, up-to-date, and enhanced data from their cloud database of choice.

Decrease risk and cost of modernization

Adopt an incremental, cost-effective cloud strategy without any downtime or data loss. Eliminate the risk of forklifting existing applications to the cloud.

Reduce the TCO of hybrid and multicloud data pipelines

Deploy streaming data pipelines in minutes across any environment, reducing the total cost of ownership and complexity of data integration.

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Automating previously static processes with streaming data

"We estimated that our next generation architecture—enabled by Confluent and running on Azure—would enable us to save $500,000 per month while achieving a 10% efficiency improvement."

Chris Varro, Senior Managing Director, Systems Development

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Confluent + Google accelerating digital transformation

"After moving to real-time streaming on a cloud-based modern architecture, we can now deliver new features and capabilities to our customers and know that they won’t be slowed by an outdated architecture."

Jason Mattioda, Head of Enterprise Platforms & Data Engineering

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Powering real-time 360 security and $1M+ TCO savings

"We’ve been able to save over a million dollars in what we were paying other vendors for, not to mention the additional operational overhead we’re now able to offload. It makes so much of a difference. Business resilience, customer value, all of that is enabled by having a system like Confluent."

Jared Smith, Senior Director of Threat Intelligence

Build Streaming Data Pipelines to Cloud Databases

From APIs to drag-and-drop UI, fully managed connectors, change data capture (CDC), and continuous SQL-based processing, Confluent simplifies building streaming pipelines to cloud databases. Empower your developers to build innovative real-time applications faster and your IT teams to confidently pave a path to cloud migration and transformation.


Use any of the 120+ pre-built connectors and Cluster Linking to stream data from hybrid and multicloud sources to cloud databases like MongoDB Atlas, Amazon Aurora, Cosmos DB and more. Migrate on-premises systems like Oracle at your own pace while providing application teams with consistent, real-time data to build on.


Use native stream processing to continuously transform data from multiple sources, provide continuously updated views of your data, and quickly build streaming applications. Join, enrich, and aggregate data streams in-flight before they land in cloud databases.


Apply governance across your streaming data to reduce risk and ensure data quality. Enable teams to discover, understand, and trust data streams with Stream Catalog, Stream Lineage, and Stream Quality. Increase collaboration and dev agility while maintaining enterprise security and compliance.

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