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Introducing the Connect with Confluent Partner Landscape and Q2 Program Entrants

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Welcome to the Connect with Confluent (CwC) Technology Partner Program Q2 2024 update. Within this blog, you’ll learn about everything new within Confluent’s expanding network of data streaming technology partners including our seven new program entrants who have recently launched new Confluent integrations. 

Additionally, we’re very excited to introduce our inaugural CwC Partner Landscape. With more than 40 fully managed partner integrations developed since the CwC program launch last July, together with our diverse partners we’re further broadening the range of real-time use cases available to customers on Confluent’s data streaming platform.

Meet the Q2 2024 Connect with Confluent entrants

New members to the CwC partner program in Q2 include Amazon EventBridge, Couchbase, Cockroach Labs, DeltaStream, Neo4j, Nexla, and SAP.

This quarter’s CwC update brings Confluent customers seven new, fully managed integrations spanning across both data sources and destinations, allowing for easy development of net-new, end-to-end streaming pipelines that connect even more of the business through real-time data. For example, high-value ERP from SAP Datasphere can now be streamed through Confluent’s entire data streaming ecosystem including new operational databases, graph databases, stream processing tools, and more.

Alongside new program entrants, CwC member Redis has expanded their portfolio of integrations with Confluent. The new Redis connector, supporting Redis as both a source and sink, allows you to write Kafka records to a variety of Redis data structures, including indexable JSON objects. These can be written to on-prem as well as cloud Redis deployments. This new connector is designed to be deployed on-prem and complements Confluent's existing, fully managed Redis sink connector.

Introducing the Connect with Confluent Partner Landscape

As consumers—internal and external alike—continue to demand “real-time everything” throughout their lives, the amount of data systems and tooling used by businesses to make this happen are simultaneously increasing. To keep pace with these demands amidst an ever-evolving tech stack, businesses need a future-proof solution for data streaming that can connect the entire business—not just where it stands today, but wherever it may be tomorrow as well.

Our first ever Connect with Confluent Partner Landscape, inclusive of 47 unique companies, provides a snapshot understanding of just how far real-time data streams can reach when running through Confluent’s partner ecosystem. The CwC program was launched in July 2023 and already provides a wide portfolio of native data streaming integrations with partners ranging across diverse technology types.

Build real-time customer experience and data-driven, backend operations with fully managed data streams available directly within a CwC partner application.

“CwC partners continue to open new possibilities for Confluent customers, allowing them to seamlessly work with more real-time data throughout every corner of their business in order to deploy modern use cases that provide a competitive edge,” says Rob Taylor, Global Head of Technology Alliances, Confluent. “As the program continues to grow quarter over quarter, so too does the utility and return on investment (ROI) of Confluent’s data streaming platform. With fully managed data streams available directly within the world’s most popular technologies, our customers can fully focus on the development of new, creative use cases while leaving behind the distracting challenges of bespoke integrations and infrastructure management.”

Learn more about all of these partners and our full library of 40+ Connect with Confluent partner integrations to understand just how easy it is to connect your entire business with Confluent’s data streaming platform.

Connect with Confluent partners bring fully managed data streams directly to their users

Native Confluent integrations: CwC partners accelerate innovation by seamlessly integrating Confluent data streams with the world’s most popular data systems. With fully managed solutions, customers can avoid the complexities and risks of self-managing Apache Kafka® and custom vendor integrations. This enables cost-effective development of real-time, low-latency experiences for end users. By eliminating the management burden of open source Kafka, CwC partners provide the fastest access to Confluent Cloud, a cloud-native and complete data streaming platform available everywhere businesses need it. 

Confluent, a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Data Platforms, Q4 2023, is:

  • Cloud native: Spend more time building value when working with an Apache Kafka service powered by the Kora Engine including GBps+ elastic scaling, infinite storage, a 99.99% uptime SLA, highly predictable/low latency performance, and more—all while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Kafka by up to 60%.

  • Complete: Deploy new use cases quickly, securely, and reliably when working with a complete data streaming platform with 120+ connectors, built-in stream processing with serverless Apache Flink®, enterprise-grade security controls, the industry’s only fully managed governance suite for Kafka, pre-built monitoring options, and more.

  • Everywhere: Maintain deployment flexibility whether running in the cloud, across clouds, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment. Confluent is available wherever your applications reside with clusters that sync in real time across environments to create a globally consistent central nervous system of real-time data to fuel the business.

New data streaming users: Through CwC partners, businesses can expand beyond Kafka experts and accelerate their data streaming initiatives. Native integrations drive organic expansion of real-time use cases throughout the business—exposing more users to a new, high-value source of data they might previously never have accessed. Gone are the days of major, cross-functional internal efforts to figure out which team manages Kafka, what it will take to prioritize development of a new integration, and how long it will take for the integration to be ready for production use. CwC integrations are fully managed and ready out of the box from right within our partners’ product user interfaces.

More real-time data: Altogether, every new integration from Connect with Confluent partners gives customers an easier means of sharing their data products instantaneously across Confluent’s data streaming network and fueling their entire business with more real-time data. As the program continues to expand, the value of data residing within any given system increases exponentially with the ability to be shared with every application throughout the network.

Access Confluent’s fully managed data streams from within your favorite application today

Ready to get started? Check out the full library of Connect with Confluent partner integrations to easily integrate your application with fully managed data streams.

Not seeing what you need? Not to worry. Check out our repository of 120+ pre-built source and sink connectors including 80+ fully managed connectors.

Are you building an application that needs real-time data? Interested in joining the CwC program? Become a Confluent partner and give your customers the absolute best experience for working with data streams—right within your application, supported by the Kafka experts.

  • Greg Murphy is the Staff Product Marketing Manager focused on developing and evangelizing Confluent’s technology partner program. He helps customers better understand how Confluent’s data streaming platform fits within the larger partner ecosystem. Prior to Confluent, Greg held product marketing and product management roles at Salesforce and Google Cloud.

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