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Project Metamorphosis

Unveiling the next-gen event streaming platform

Project Metamorphosis will make it dramatically easier for any organization to use event streaming to unlock new business, exceed customer expectations, and drive massive operational efficiencies.

See how Metamorphosis takes Kafka Global and evolves Confluent Cloud and Platform

Disclaimer: Features on our product roadmap and their delivery or release date are subject to change

Jay Kreps

CEO and co-founder, Confluent
"We're looking forward to helping more companies put event streaming at the heart of their businesses to deliver the real-time, contextual experiences customers demand."

Release calendar

New product features & capabilities to our cloud service and software announced the first Wednesday of each month of 2020, starting this May

May 6

Elastic Scaling

How do you quickly scale Kafka to keep mission-critical apps running with no lag or downtime - and without over-provisioning expensive resources?

June 17

Cost Effective

How do you keep the costs of running Kafka low and your best people focused on critical projects driving competitive advantage and revenue?

July 1


How do you efficiently scale Kafka storage to make sure you can retain as much data as you need - without pre-provisioning storage you don't use?

August 5


How can you ensure your Kafka infrastructure is flexible enough to adapt to your changing cloud requirements?

August 24


How do you distribute real-time events across the globe and make them accessible from anywhere?

Oct 6


How do you reduce the risk of security breaches that can result in app downtime or costly data leaks throughout the Kafka operational lifecycle?

Nov 10


How do you maximize the value of your real-time data and harness the full power of event streaming?

Dec 02


How do you maximize the value of your real-time data and harness the full power of event streaming?

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