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May | Elastic Scaling

Learn about Elastic Scaling with Apache Kafka®

  • Start streaming in a matter of minutes
  • Elastically scale from 0 to 100MBps and beyond
  • Accessible for any budget or use case with scale-to-zero pricing

Disclaimer: Features on our product roadmap and their delivery or release date are subject to change.

Elastic resources

May 6

Elastic Kafka with Confluent Cloud

See how easy it is to scale a cluster in Confluent Cloud

May 14

Online talk

May 15

Zookeeper Removal

Apache Kafka Needs No Keeper: Removing the Apache ZooKeeper Dependency

May 21

Zookeeper Removal - Slack Q&A

May 29

Elastic Kafka with Confluent Platform

June 12

Scaling Kafka to 10GB/sec with Confluent Cloud

Why elasticity matters

Start streaming in a matter of minutes

Getting a real-time data architecture up and running takes too long, especially with something as complicated as Open Source Apache Kafka. Deploying requires developer help which pushes out the launch of our critical apps, costing the company money with every delay.

Confluent's event streaming solutions allow you to:

  • Quickly deploy Kafka with just a few clicks using self-serve provisioning for all cluster types with fully-managed Confluent Cloud service
  • Effortlessly connect your critical data sources and sinks to Kafka with fully-managed, self-serve connectors to build a complete data pipeline for your real-time apps
  • Process streaming Kafka data with an easy-to-use, yet powerful interactive SQL interface with fully managed KSQL without the need to write code
  • Accelerate the deployment of standardized, self-managed Kafka clusters as cloud-native systems on Kubernetes with Confluent Platform
Elastically scale from 0 to 100 MBps and beyond

Most distributed computing architectures, including Open Source Apache Kafka, can't quickly scale to meet demand - leading to lag or downtime when traffic spikes unexpectedly. Companies try to tackle this with a complex capacity planning process, but often end up overspending on resources that never get used or still don't meet their needs.

Confluent's event streaming solutions allow you to:

  • Elastically scale your Kafka workloads instantaneously in Confluent Cloud
    • Instantly scale from 0 to 100 MB/s and back down without ever having to size a cluster in our Basic and Standard tiers
    • Get to GB/s scale with self-serve provisioning and expansion in our Dedicated tier
  • Elastically scale self-managed Kafka clusters on Kubernetes with Confluent Platform
    • Replace manual operations to spin platform resources up and down on Kubernetes using infrastructure-as-code with the Confluent Operator
    • Scale the platform elastically while optimizing throughput by architecting with lighter-weight Kafka brokers that can be rebalanced automatically and instantaneously.
Accessible for any budget or use case with scale-to-zero pricing

Building the right data architecture for every use case, especially with complex distributed systems like Open Source Apache Kafka, is too expensive and time consuming. Developers and organizations are unable to move quickly to get apps to market with limited resources.

Confluent's event streaming solutions allow you to:

  • Get started for free with Kafka in Confluent Cloud*
  • Pay only for data streamed with scale-to-zero pricing; no minimums
  • As your Kafka scales, leverage our flexible, usage-based, commitment model for significant discounts
    • Mix and match across three production-ready, cloud tiers - Basic, Standard and Dedicated - to accommodate your scale, budget and use case
    • Easily spin up and spin down resources as needed over time and pay for what you use, when you use it
    • Easily experiment with new features such as connectors, ksqlDB, different support tiers, etc. by leveraging an umbrella monetary commitment that applies toward any Confluent Cloud service


  • Elastic scaling for production workloads from 0 to 100 MB/s

    The only Cloud Kafka service that offers elastic scaling for production workloads from 0 to 100 MB/s and down instantaneously without ever having to size a cluster

  • Usage-based pricing across all of Confluent Cloud

    Self-serve provisioning and seamless expansion across the entire Cloud solutions, paying only for what you use each month

  • Standardized, validated architecture deployed on any Kubernetes platform

    Implement standardized, validated architecture that can be deployed on any Kubernetes platform, on-prem or in the cloud. Confluent Operator operationalizes years of experience running Kafka on Kubernetes at massive scale in Confluent Cloud.

  • Self-balancing clusters (coming soon) and Tiered Storage (currently in preview)

    Confluent Platform is adding features that will make it the only self-managed Kafka solution that offers efficient and elastic operations at scale by providing fully automated partition rebalancing and decoupling the compute and storage layers in Kafka.


  • Available

    Complete line-up

    Mix and match across our fully-managed cluster tiers - Basic, Standard & Dedicated

  • Available


    Instantly scale to meet traffic surges without latency or downtime on Basic & Standard

  • Available


    Pay only for data streamed with no hourly compute price using Basic clusters

  • Available

    Pay for usage

    Get discounts across our entire portfolio with flexible, usage-based commits

  • May


    Easily scale Dedicated clusters to meet your needs with self-serve provisioning & expansion

  • Available

    Kafka on Kubernetes

    Simplify deployment and key lifecycle operations for Confluent Platform on Kubernetes

  • Preview

    Infinite Kafka storage

    Decouple the compute and storage layers in your cluster and scale each resource independently

  • Future Release

    Automated rebalances

    Automate partition rebalances to optimize Kafka's throughput and accelerate broker scaling

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