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November | Reliable

Reliable Apache Kafka® with Confluent

  • Use a fully-managed Kafka service to streamline operations and management.
  • Reduce risk of downtime and data loss in Apache Kafka by resolving issues before they happen
  • Speed up issue resolution with streamlined Kafka support

Reliable resources

Nov 10

Project Metamorphosis Month 7: Reliable Event Streaming with Confluent Cloud and Proactive Support

Nov 10

Proactive Support Demo

Learn how to enable a fully-managed support experience in Confluent Platform.

Why Apache Kafka reliability matters

Use fully-managed Kafka for cloud-native reliability

Problem: Kafka is a powerful distributed data architecture, but it is incredibly complex to keep clusters running at peak capacity and ensure data availability. Developers and other key resources often get pulled off their projects to deal with scalability or availability issues. Provisioning Confluent allows you to fully offload or drastically reduce Kafka management and keep your key resources focused on projects that drive revenue.

  • Completely offload Kafka operations to a fully-managed service that deploys and optimizes Kafka for you, upgrades Kafka and fixes bugs for you, and identifies and resolves issues before they happen
  • Keep self-managed Kafka clusters running at peak performance and minimize downtime with automated upgrades and failure recovery with Self Balancing Clusters and Confluent Operator to help.
Minimize downtime by resolving issues before they happen

Problem: Kafka does not have good signalling mechanisms in place to help you find and troubleshoot issues within its ecosystem. It's tough to identify and solve problems that lead to lag, downtime, or data loss which can cause parts of your business to grind to a halt. Confluent Cloud and Platform offer the visibility, durability, and reliability organizations need to ensure event availability.

  • Intelligently identify and resolve issues with Proactive Support before they occur with continuous, real-time analysis powered by our extensive library of expert tested rules and algorithms
  • Quickly get insights on cluster performance to ensure internal SLAs are met and optimize cluster health with Control Center in Confluent Platform.
  • Reduce risk of downtime or data loss to keep events available for developers and apps with Multi-AZ replication in Confluent Cloud.
Speed up issue resolution with streamlined Kafka support

Problem: Apache Kafka is a complex system that requires a lot of tuning to run at peak performance and expertise to ensure its components are healthy. Supporting Kafka in house can be a massive expense and resource drain and drag out resolution times. Confluent provides committer-led support from the team with more Kafka expertise than anyone that’s powered by our in-depth visibility into real-time health and performance data from our customers.

  • Resolve support tickets exponentially faster by providing visibility into key performance and health metrics for Confluent’s Kafka support experts to eliminate manual information sharing processes
  • Offload resource intensive Kafka support to the team that wrote 80% of the Kafka commits to resolve issues more quickly and reduce your in-house support costs.


Fully-managed Kafka
Minimize business disruption
Faster time to resolution

Offload Kafka operations to a fully-managed cloud-native service with a 99.99% uptime SLA, including automated bug fixes, cluster optimization, and in-place upgrades.

Get alerts for potential issues on self-hosted deployments based on our expert tested algorithms to identify and resolve them before they happen

Get a fully-managed support experience for self-managed Kafka by automatically providing visibility into cluster health and performance data.


  • Available

    Multi-AZ Replication

    Protect against single zone failures with multi-AZ synchronous replication across three zones

  • Available

    Latest Stable Kafka

    Upgrades with zero downtime to ensure you are always on the latest stable version of Kafka

  • Available

    On-demand Bug Fixes

    Kafka bugs proactively fixed on-demand without waiting for the next Kafka release.

  • Available

    Cloud SLA

    99.95% uptime SLA to ensure your environment remains up and running

  • New

    Proactive support

    Continuous, real-time analysis of metadata that alerts you to potential problems before they arise

  • Available

    Control Center

    Centralize multi-cluster management and monitoring, adhering to established event streaming SLAs

  • Available


    Automate rolling upgrades without impacting availability and failure recovery to minimize downtime.

  • Available

    Self-balancing Clusters

    Automate partition rebalances to minimize lag or downtime and ensure peak performance.

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