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SAS Powers Instant, Real-Time Omnichannel Marketing at Massive Scale with Confluent’s Hybrid Capabilities

In terms of hard costs, Confluent reduced our bottom line from the infrastructure cost perspective, reducing licensing and physical hardware. We reduced our projected yearly cost by 69%. And the months of planning we would have to put into meetings and seasonal projections are gone, so our management oversight is reduced from a soft-cost perspective.

Justin Dempsey | Senior Manager, SAS Cloud


Scalability issues with self-supporting open source Kafka in-house were making it difficult to adjust to changing demand, and operational overhead and complexity were driving significant costs. Also, migrating the data to Kubernetes was a major hurdle.


The upgrade from Kafka to Confluent for Kubernetes solved scalability and improved performance while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). And Cluster Linking made the migration to Confluent for Kubernetes painless to unlock further agility.


  • Ability to elastically scale on demand with improved performance
  • Reduced TCO while ensuring reliable uptime and compliance
  • Easy migration to Confluent for Kubernetes with Cluster Linking

SAS has been around for over four decades and has established a strong pedigree in marketing analytics, assisting more than 80,000 businesses in 150 countries in creating better downstream experiences for their own customers.

The vision of SAS is to transform a world of data into a world of intelligence by enabling decisions to be made at just the right moment— which is why SAS depends on a reliable, scalable data streaming foundation.

For example, with their popular SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 solution, SAS powers omnichannel marketing based on customer intelligence and ultimately makes large marketing campaigns more targeted, personal, and relevant at the right time. To optimally serve customers across industries from healthcare to smart cars to financial services, SAS must handle data in a way that’s reliable and scalable—in real time.

Confluent acts as the central hub to ingest all customer data events for SAS Customer Intelligence 360 solution, powering a suite of state-of-the-art marketing software solutions.

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