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Q2 Software

Q2 Software Adds Near-Real-Time Alerting to Its Digital Banking Platform Using Confluent Platform

One out of 10 digital banking customers in the U.S. uses Q2’s secure, data-driven digital banking platform to meet their digital banking needs. In fact, a third of the top domestic banks rely on the power, flexibility, and performance of Q2’s platform as central to their digital strategy. For financial institutions (FIs), including many Q2 customers, ensuring a strong digital strategy is in place is more important than ever, especially as more retail and commercial customers complete transactions online rather than in person.

Q2 is in the midst of its own digital transformation, spurred in part by increased adoption of its banking platform. To keep pace with the business’s growth and the real-time needs of the FIs it serves, Q2 recognized a need to upgrade its IT architecture, which relied on monolithic systems and processes that could not easily scale to meet surging demand. Working with Confluent, Q2 adopted a new event-driven architecture underpinned by Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka®.


Enable financial institutions on the Q2 digital banking platform to send near-real-time alerts to customers as transactions and other account events occur.


Use Confluent Platform and Kafka to implement a scalable event-driven architecture that powers the alerting system and a broader digital transformation.


  • Customer alert responsiveness improved by orders of magnitude
  • Delivery of new solutions accelerated
  • Latency lowered; resiliency increased
  • Secure, scalable design implemented

Jordan Hager

Vice President, Hosting Architecture
Q2 Software

Technology is a great equalizer that enables our clients to compete with the largest banks in the world. One of the significant technology advantages that Confluent Platform provides is the ability to share—across our product portfolio—the significant events that occur throughout an end users’ financial journey, from opening an account to initiating a home or small business loan to saving for college or retirement.

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