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Confluent announces launch of Cloud Reseller Program

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Today, Confluent is happy to announce the launch of our Confluent Cloud Reseller Program. Our Cloud Reseller Program aims to give AWS customers the tools to simplify the procurement of cloud services that their businesses need with preferred and trusted channel partners. Together with our growing partner ecosystem, we are expanding the reach of Confluent Cloud products and services across new markets to help enterprises modernize their data strategies to power real-time analytics and applications to improve customer experiences and backend operations.

Confluent joins AWS Marketplace Channel programs leveraging Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO)

To initiate our cloud reseller program, we are thrilled to announce that Confluent has launched with AWS’s Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO). Expanding on our Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services from January 2022, the CPPO program will enable Confluent to work with 17 of the leading data streaming partners including Slower, MEGAZONECLOUD, and SVA. Our goal is to continue growing our reseller community by onboarding additional partners to round out our focus across geographies, verticals, horizontals, and public sector businesses.

Together with AWS and our Resellers, Confluent is focused on unlocking the true value of data so that customers can seamlessly connect, manage, and process data across cloud and hybrid environments. Through this joint effort, customers can purchase Confluent Cloud software solutions directly from their preferred Channel Partners with whom they’ve worked previously and who have deep knowledge of their business requirements.

Furthermore, this initiative expands the ways customers can purchase Confluent Cloud through AWS Marketplace and opens the opportunity to discuss offer details such as pricing, end-user licensing terms, and even the inclusion of professional services support with these partners before completing a purchase. Once the offer is created and extended, customers can subscribe to it through their AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

For our Resellers, CPPO allows the partner to remain the seller of record and the single point of contact with the customer, with AWS Marketplace seamlessly managing the distribution of funds across ISVs and the Reseller. Additionally, selling ISV products via CPPO adds to Reseller’s Gross Software Sales goals with AWS.

What our Partners are Saying

The Cloud Reseller Program expands market reach and selling power for our strategic global Reseller Community. By leveraging Confluent’s Cloud Reseller Program, Channel Partners receive wholesale pricing on Confluent Cloud services and own and maintain the financial and contractual relationship with customers. This allows resellers to customize pricing, duration, end-user license terms, and additional services they may wish to include. For example, resellers can combine multiple ISV product purchases when executing projects for customers that might involve multiple products.

Whit Crump, Worldwide Director of AWS Marketplace Channel programs, explains “According to a recent Forrester study, customers, ISVs and Consulting Partners can leverage AWS Marketplace’s standard contract template to reduce contracting time by 90% while at the same time customers can onboard ISVs 75% faster. Confluent’s Reseller Program speaks directly to feedback from its customers who want to accelerate innovation while simplifying procurement through new channels.” Crump continues, “Leveraging AWS Consulting Partner Private Offers, Confluent’s Customers and Channel have the opportunity to reduce sales cycles by up to 40%.”

“For our customers, cloud migration cannot come at significant expense or lead to substantial downtime. Through the AWS CPPO, we can now offer our customers best-of-breed solutions with Confluent to help them build real-time applications and analytics with event processing at scale.” said Rikin Shah, CEO and Co-Founder at Slower.

“As a solutions integrator, our clients rely on our guidance and hands-on technical expertise in planning, building, and running the most advanced AWS workloads,” said Willy Cho, CEO at MEGAZONECLOUD. “Our end to end approach to digital transformation coupled with leading technologies like Confluent gives our clients the flexibility to connect and migrate on-prem, multicloud, and edge data to AWS so they can use the right service for the right job and improve performance. Additionally, the AWS CPPO allows us to extend those capabilities easily across our consultative and managed digital transformation engagements.”

 “SVA Consulting is hired to help clients navigate complex challenges in order to meet the ever changing needs of today’s business environment. Our clients’ operations rely heavily on technology, however, they don’t want to necessarily become technology experts. Through the AWS CPPO, we can partner with Confluent to significantly speed up our client’s ability to deploy to production and relieve them of the non-trivial duty of running and maintaining their own infrastructure,” said Stefanos Katsios, Leader Business Unit Big Data at SVA Consulting.

What’s next for Confluent’s Reseller Community

This is just the beginning and we will be continuing to onboard global resellers and scaling our initiative with AWS and CPPO. Moreover, we will be expanding to other cloud marketplaces in the near term to continue accelerating our reach to deliver our solutions on our customer’s cloud of choice to procure software and services how they want, when they want. We look forward to working with our Reseller Community to provide customers with a flexible and enriched centralized purchase experience with the high-touch support from their preferred channel vendors.

How AWS and Confluent scale with worldwide consulting partners to provide next generation data streaming services

Nowadays, brands are built and defined by their customer experience. Consumers are demanding better services and better incorporation of technology. They’re used to the easy access of social media, video streaming entertainment services, as well as mobile devices and expect that level of sophistication in all aspects of their lives.

At the same time, data enables new methods for running businesses more efficiently and effectively. Today’s organizations need a modern, cloud native data strategy that includes data in motion to enrich operations to be increasingly agile, elastic, and cost-efficient, all at scale.

Confluent and AWS enable customers to set their data in motion and connect on-prem and multicloud data to AWS with Confluent’s cloud-native service that powers real-time analytics and applications. Built on an open-source foundation, we’ve rearchitected Apache Kafka for the cloud to accelerate application development times by 75% and lower management costs by 60%. Confluent is fully integrated with AWS Marketplace and services unifying management, security, and billing while helping migrate and connect data in real-time. Easily connect to services including Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Lambda, 3rd party ISVs (like our Databricks connector) and more with 120+ pre-built connectors.

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  • Vinod Devan leads Confluent’s global partner ecosystem and business development organization. Prior to Confluent, he was a partner at Deloitte Consulting, where he led the firm’s work with fast-growth enterprise software companies.

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