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Why Confluent?

Unlimited data. Unlimited potential.


Real-world businesses need real-time data.

It’s not just established enterprises like Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, Lyft, and AUDI that use Confluent to leverage data in real time. The up-and-comers are doing the same. Innovative industry standouts are transforming their data architectures and finding success with the event streaming paradigm, spanning on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Now they know what’s happening with their businesses as it happens.


You can’t hit what you can’t see.

Whether you set out to create a new, dynamic brand or keep a major brand at the forefront of customer expectations, you’re only as good as experiences you create. To reach your consumers where they are, when they need you, you must understand their needs and adapt instantly. Event event streaming platforms make it possible to put data at the center of your business and ultimately delight customers with proof that you’re listening.


To master Event Streaming, go to the source.

The founders of Confluent originally created Apache Kafka because they recognized the need to shift to an event streaming paradigm. It was time to untangle the maze of point-to-point connections and make sure our insight comes from an event-driven reality. Now, we’re processing inventory management, fraud detection, IoT diagnostics, among many more possibilities, with both eyes open. And we’re the best at it because we invented it.