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Featured Partner: MFEC

Real-Time Data Monitoring for Retail

Minimize data silos and access real-time data by integrating diverse data sources and locations into a centralized system with Confluent Cloud. Increase your data's value through efficient stream processing tools that transform data instantly, enabling your organization to observe data trends in real-time via a visualization dashboard.

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Gather data from multiple sources and display it through a visualization dashboard in real time

Access to real-time data enables organizations to manage inventory and dead stock effectively while also assisting the marketing team in developing timely campaigns and promotions for the right target customers.

Benefits of real-time data monitoring allow you to:

Enhance inventory management with real-time data to reduce dead stock.

Integrate your data from various locations and store data in Confluent Cloud easily with pre-built connectors.

Reduce the burden of maintaining hardware so you can spend time innovating your business.

Build with Confluent

This use case leverages the following building blocks in Confluent Cloud:

Streaming Architecture

Data Architecture

Streaming Architecture

Integrate RDBMS source systems with Confluent Cloud using CDC source connectors. Filter/join/aggregate data with stream processing tools such as Flink or ksqlDB. Integration application consumes data from Confluent Cloud topics and sends it to a visualization dashboard.
Connect to Data Sources

Fully managed Debezium connectors are used to capture real-time data from PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases.

Stream Processing

Join, enrich and aggregate data in real time to create actionable insights.

Data Visualization

Partner’s proprietary integration service to power real-time dashboard in Tableau.


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