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The Road Most Traveled: A Kafka Story

When moving to a cloud native architecture Moogsoft knew they needed more scale than Rabbit could provide. Moogsoft moved into Kafka which is known for quick writing and driving heavy event driven workloads on top of niceties such as replayability. Choosing the tool was easy, finding a vendor that ticked all their boxes was not. They needed to ensure scalability, upgradability, builds via existing IAC pipelines, and observability via existing tools. When Moogsoft found Aiven, they were impressed with their offering and ability to scale on demand. During this presentation we will explore how Moogsoft used Aiven for Kafka to manage and scale their data in the cloud.


Heikki Nousiainen
Thom Duran

Thom Duran is a Director of SRE at Moogsoft, where he leads a team of SREs that are focused on building the platform for Moogsoft Observability Cloud, as well as spreading best practices to enable a DevOps culture. Focusing on stability and automation has been part of Thom’s life for the past decade. He got his start in the trenches of a traditional NOC. From there he moved into more traditional SRE roles focused on availability and monitoring at GoDaddy. At Moogsoft Thom’s goals are always about driving efficiency, making sure people love what they do, and that people have a place where they can excel.