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Streaming Data in the Cloud with Confluent and MongoDB Atlas

Are you looking for a cloud-based architecture that includes the best of breed streaming and database technologies? In this session you will learn how to setup and configure the Confluent Cloud with MongoDB Atlas. We'll start the journey learning about the basic connectivity between the two cloud services and end with a brief discovery of what you can do with data once it is in MongoDB Atlas. By the end of this session you will know how to securely setup and configure the MongoDB Atlas connectors in the Confluent Cloud in both a source and sink configuration.


Robert Walters

Robert Walters is a Product Manager at MongoDB responsible for various tools, connectors and "things". Robert has published the MongoDB IoT Reference Architecture, spoken at many conferences including IoT World, MongoDB World and AzureFest. Robert's career spans over 20 years in technology. Previous to MongoDB, Rob spent 17 years at Microsoft working in various roles including program management on the SQL Server team, consulting, and technical pre-sales. Rob has co-authored three patents for technologies used within SQL Server and was the lead author of several technical books on SQL Server. When not thinking about MongoDB, Rob provides fire suppression and emergency medical care as an on-call Firefighter and EMT for his local community.