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Practical Tips and Tricks for Apache Kafka Messages Integration

Interacting with Apache Kafka seems straightforward at first, you “just” push and pull messages. Yet it can quickly become a source of frustration as the user encounters timeouts, vague error descriptions and disappearing messages. Experience helps a lot and I’m here to share what I know.

In this talk you will learn the tips & tricks I wish I had known at the beginning of my Apache Kafka journey. We’ll discuss topics like producer acknowledgments, server and consumer parameters (auto_offset_reset anyone?) that are commonly overlooked causing lots of developer’s pain. I’ll share with you how to generate code that works as expected on the first run, making your first integration painless. These tips will kickstart your Apache Kafka experience in Python and save you hours of debugging.


Francesco Tisiot

Francesco Tisiot is the BI tech lead at Rittman Mead and Oracle ACE Director. As an analyst, architect, and developer, he has built expertise in the data integration and business analytics space over the years. Francesco is involved in the analytics community by blogging on the Rittman Mead website, speaking at various conferences around the world, and being the president of the Italian User Group.