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Nordstrom's Event-Sourced Architecture and Kafka-as-a-Service

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As a 120 year-old company, Nordstrom was facing numerous challenges as a result of an aging, service-oriented, architecture. Developers needing to implement reporting for analytics separately from core functionality resulted in questionable data quality for analytical purposes. Scaling dependent services in harmony to not overwhelm each other was a struggle faced by many, if not most, teams. Several years into a company-wide transition to an event-sourced architecture, Nordstrom has solved these and various other problems. By leveraging the capabilities of Apache Kafka and Confluent, combined with a deep organizational focus on well-defined business event schemas, a singular event can be used for analytical, functional, operational, and model building purposes. This session will describe this architecture and the lessons learned while building it, with a focus on the internally built, multi-tenant, multi-cluster, Kafka-as-a-Service platform that enables it.

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