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Nordstrom's Event-Sourced Architecture and Kafka-as-a-Service

As a 120 year-old company, Nordstrom was facing numerous challenges as a result of an aging, service-oriented, architecture. Developers needing to implement reporting for analytics separately from core functionality resulted in questionable data quality for analytical purposes. Scaling dependent services in harmony to not overwhelm each other was a struggle faced by many, if not most, teams. Several years into a company-wide transition to an event-sourced architecture, Nordstrom has solved these and various other problems. By leveraging the capabilities of Apache Kafka and Confluent, combined with a deep organizational focus on well-defined business event schemas, a singular event can be used for analytical, functional, operational, and model building purposes. This session will describe this architecture and the lessons learned while building it, with a focus on the internally built, multi-tenant, multi-cluster, Kafka-as-a-Service platform that enables it.


Adam Weyant

Adam Weyant is a Software Engineering Manager, Data Processing, at Nordstrom, where he supports Nordstrom's multi-tenant, multi-cluster, Kafka as a service solution.

Beau Bender

Beau Bender is a Director of Engineering, Data and Services, at Nordstrom, where he supports Nordstrom's machine learning platform, data discovery, data processing, data quality, and edge computing teams. Beau Bender has been developing code professionally since 2001 and has been fortunate to work at both small startups and large enterprises. Along the way he has been an engineer, tech lead, engineering manager, technical program manager, entrepreneur and course author. Regardless of his job title, he’s enjoyed helping people grow, improving customer experiences and finding elegant solutions to difficult problems.

Beau has presented at several Meetups on a variety of topics, including agile delivery, team management and design. Last year, Beau deeply enjoyed the privilege of speaking at Grace Hopper and learning from its attendees. Beau has also co-founded the Seattle Software Crafters Meetup to help foster community, share experiences and promote knowledge sharing. Since then the group has grown to over 3,500 members and continues to meet twice a month. patterns.

In his free time, Beau enjoys lounging in Portugal, people watching and connecting with other introverts.